Tennant T300 20" 130 Ah Wet Acid Battery Walk Behind Automatic Scrubber

Tennant T300 20\" 130 Ah Wet Acid Battery Walk Behind Automatic Scrubber  39158DW130
  • Effective scrubbing capabilities for cleaner floors in fewer passes
  • Outstanding water pick-up for reduced slip and fall accidents
  • Hygenic tanks allow for easy access when cleaning to help reduce mold, bacteria and other contaminants that can grow in enclosed tanks
  • Ergonomic design delivers foot activated squeegee to minimize bending and wider handle for improved machine operation
  • Insta-Click magnetic head allows pads and brushes to be ergonomically positioned and results in faster installation
  • Quiet-Mode reduces noise levels as low as 58 dBA for daytime cleaning without disruption
  • On-board charger with fan and integrated venting allows batteries to charge safely with lid closed
  • Membrane controls provide for easy standardized cleaning processes
  • 11 Gallon solution tank and a 14 Gallon recovery tank
  • 20" cleaning path