Perforated Kitchen Towel & Dispenser

GP Pro Pacific Blue Select Kitchen Roll Towels

  • 2-ply perforated roll towels offer reliable performance for everyday cleaning and wiping tasks
  • Lasting strength and absorbency make this towel ideal for cleaning/wiping in foodservice, healthcare, lab and clinic settings
  • Convenient dispensing
  • Use with dispenser 13897
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GP Pro 27385 Pacific Blue Select Perforated Kitchen Roll Towel - White, 30/85 Count
GP Pro 27300 Pacific Blue Select Perforated Roll Towel - White, 30/100 Count
GP Pro 27700 Pacific Blue Select Jumbo Perforated Roll Towel - White, 12/250 Count

Bounty 05815 Kitchen Paper Towels

  • Stronger and super absorbent
  • Great for quickly and easily cleaning up spills
  • With select-a-size rolls you can choose your sheet size based on the size of your mess
  • Improved performance, especially when wet
  • Perforated
  • 2-ply, 11" x 5.9" sheets
  • White color
  • 90 sheets per roll
  • 24 rolls per case
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Bounty Kitchen Paper Towels

Marcal Pro 100% Premium Recycled Perforated Kitchen Roll Towel

  • Designed for strength & absorbency without sacrificing performance
  • 100% recycled
  • Product meets or exceeds EPA procurement guildlines for post consumer recycled content
  • No added dyes or fragrances
  • 2 ply
  • 9" x 11"
  • White color
  • 70 sheets per roll, 15 rolls per case
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Etiquette Perforated Kitchen Roll Towel

  • For quick pickup of spills or light to medium cleaning tasks
  • Embossed for extra absorbency
  • Individually wrapped rolls
  • 8" x 11" sheet size
  • 85 sheets per roll
  • 30 rolls per case
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Etiquette Perforated Kitchen Roll Towel

Country Soft Perforated Household Kitchen Paper Towel

  • Designed to withstand regular use and frequent washing without compromising their quality
  • Long-lasting nature ensures that you can rely on them for nearly any task
  • Luxurious feel while maintaining excellent quality and reliability
  • 2 ply durable sheets
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Country Soft 2-Ply Perforated Household Kitchen Paper Towel - 150 Sheets per Jumbo Roll, 6 Rolls per Case

GP Pro 20085 Brawny Professional D300 Perforated Disposable Cleaning Towels / Wipers

  • Super strong, cloth-like wipes make cleaning, scrubbing or drying quick and easy
  • Double recrepe (DRC) technology provides superior softness, strength, and absorbency
  • Up to 50% less expensive than bulk rags and consistent in quality
  • White color
  • 9.3" L x 11" W
  • 84 sheets per roll
  • 20 rolls per case
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Brawny Professional D300 Disposable Cleaning Towels / Wipers

Kitchen Roll Towel Dispenser

  • Durable steel construction holds up to your most challenging kitchen tasks
  • Offers an economical approach to kitchen towel dispensing
  • Easy-to-refill
  • Chrome color
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 4.75" x 13.25" x 3"
  • For use with Kitchen Roll Towel 13241, 13421, 13419, 13417, and 13422
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